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Icecream Screen Recorder 3.6

Icecream Screen Recorder can capture shots or video of your screen
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Icecream Screen Recorder can help you capture a given part of your screen as a screenshot or video. The application has such a simple interface that it is unlikely someone may find it difficult to use, even for the first time. In many respects, it is quite similar to other tools available. Therefore, if you have already purchased any of them, it is a good idea to try this one first and see what it has to offer.

Perhaps the most special about Icecream Screen Recorder is that it allows various ways to set the recording region. In addition to the usual full-screen and custom-area selections, you can also let the application automatically detect a window´s boundaries or establish a recording area with a given resolution around the position of your mouse pointer. To do this, you should previously set the expected resolution, luckily, there are various presets, suitable for phones. Another interesting feature is that it lets you draw on the recording region or change the zoom.

The tool is compatible with some basic image and video file types, such as JPG, PNG, MP4, MKV and WebM, which may be not enough for the most demanding users. A related limitation is that it doesn’t allow using custom output values; instead, it is restricted to three preset quality levels. Also, when recording videos, the program cannot capture mixed audio from different devices, which means that you can record either from the PC or the microphone but not from both at the same time.

Another feature that I liked about this tool is the task scheduling, which can be programmed to be executed at a given time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually test this feature as it is only available from the paid version. However, I had the chance to use programmable hotkeys that eliminate the need to use the mouse and make recording smoother.

Perhaps, the greatest limitation of Icecream Screen Recorder is that it does not provide any editing features. Therefore, the results will be automatically sent to a file, and in case you need to change anything, you will need a video editing program. In fact, it is not only limited in terms of editing features, but also it does not allow video playback either.

The possibility to record a video of a game session can be important for some users, so I tested the application for this purpose. While it successfully captured the session, the resulting video showed some flickering. Besides, when the game uses a resolution different from your standard screen resolution, the program cannot adjust the output, and the resulting video will appear truncated.

In general, Icecream Screen Recorder has the advantage of being extremely easy to use. However, while it may satisfy the needs of home users, it won’t meet professional expectations.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It allows scheduling tasks
  • Various ways to select a region
  • Hotkeys


  • Limited output formats
  • It cannot record mixed audio
  • It does not allow video playback or editing
  • You cannot set custom output parameters
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