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Icecream Screen Recorder 3.1

All-in-one tool to take screenshots or make a video of your screen activity
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In the last year and a half, Icecream Apps have developed a suite of tools with two things in common – a high level of usability and an attractive and easy-to-use user interface. Screen Recorder is no different – this utility is capable of capturing any activity taking place on your computer’s screen in a hassle-free and flexible way, and save it either as an image or a high-quality video file.

To take a snapshot of your screen or of a section of it, you can choose among four capturing modes – you can define a custom area, take a snapshot of the entire screen or of the latest captured area, or let the program to auto-detect the active area on the current screen. You can then open the Draw panel and add an arrow, an outline, or a free-hand drawing to your screenshot, and save it as a PNG file. Alternatively, you can send your screenshots to the clipboard and have them ready for sharing at any time.

However, it is when recording the activity on your screen on a high-quality MKV video file that Icecream Screen Recorder shows all its potential. As with the screenshots, you can also define the area to be recorded using the menu provided. You can make a video of a custom area, in full-screen mode, the latest area selected, an area detected by the program automatically, or a specific area around your mouse. You can use your webcam as a source, or record any streaming video playing back on your screen, or any other activity taking place on your computer’s screen for that matter.

Thus, you can use this tool to create high-quality tutorials, presentations, live demos, or video recordings of any other activity for which still images are not enough. To make your videos and presentations look more professional, Screen Recorder offers you a set of features that will take your tutorials to the next level. Not only can you also use the Draw panel here to enhance your video recordings, but you can also add your own watermark, zoom in and out relevant areas, record your mouse cursor and a region around it, to enumerate the various steps you’re taking and show on the screen the hotkeys you are using, and to choose the final quality of the MKV file. Video recordings can be easily scheduled using the program’s Tasks menu, and you can review the program’s history at any time to review your latest screenshots and video recordings.

Though some of you may miss a wider choice when it comes to the output formats supported (merely PNG for screenshots and MKV for video recordings), all of you will surely enjoy working with Icecream Screen Recorder. It is easy and very rewarding, and the program itself is flexible, attractive, and efficient.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Automatic and custom area selection
  • Attractive and clear interface and controls
  • Task editor
  • Allows you to "paint" on your screenshots


  • Output formats are limited to PNG and MKV
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